Cleaning Tips: Teaching Your Kids How to Keep Their Rooms Clean

Cleaning Tips: Teaching Your Kids How to Keep Their Rooms Clean

Cleaning is a habit. If you want your kids to be organized in all the aspects of life, you should teach them how to keep their rooms organized first. It is all about teaching them an easy routine and provides them with the necessary tools to make their rooms clean and organized.
Here are the main points you should take care of.

1. Cleaning Kids Rooms:

There are certain points you should follow as a parent.
• When your kids reach the elementary school age, start directing them towards your cleaning needs. Make a checklist and be specific. For example, ask them to keep their desks organized or put the books on the bookshelf once they finish it. Your kids will feel responsible when you provide them with checklists. They will know that they have to finish all their organizing duties first. The list must be suitable for your kids’ ages.
• Your kids should learn how to dust, wipe surfaces, clean the bathroom, and vacuum. These activities are essential in any cleaning process. Give them a suitable time for each task and encourage them to finish by offering surprises.
•Declutter regularly. Remove toys and items that they will not use anymore to help them clean their rooms easily.

2. Keeping Kids Rooms Organized:

Cleaning is the first step, organizing is the second. Here is how organizing should work.
•You should provide your kids with storage areas. For example, bins, baskets, and bookshelves. They have their own things and even when they get older, it is great to keep their old things safe.
• Discuss with your kids what they are going to store and how they would like the storage places to be. For example, if your kid loves reading, having a bookshelf near the bed would be great.
•Keeping the desks organized is essential for keeping the whole room organized. Your kids may feel overwhelmed if they study in a mess. That is why it is essential to teach them how to organize their studying corners.
• Guilt can play a role in teaching your kids how to keep their rooms organized. They should feel guilty when they do not keep their rooms organized after playing because they will have to do it tomorrow.
• Do not help them unless they asked you to. It is part of making them responsible for their own lives. You should interfere only to guide them. Otherwise, they will depend on you in everything. You can know more about cleaning hardwood floors floor maintenance here.

Cleaning Hardwood Floors & Floor Maintenance

Cleaning Hardwood Floors & Floor Maintenance

Cleaning your floors is essential for making your home brighter and avoiding many health hazards. However, most people do not know the fundamentals of cleaning. In his guide, we will discuss two main aspects of cleaning; cleaning hardware floors and floor maintenance.

• Cleaning Hardware Floors:

If you have a vintage or a restored home, your floors are probably original hardware. Hardware floors are made of oak, maple, or exotic woods. The most common materials used to make hardware floors are Brazilian cherry, Bamboo, and other alternatives. Bamboo and renewable alternatives have become more popular because they are eco-friendly.

Here is how to clean the hardware floors.

1. Sweep your hardware floors up with a dust mop daily.
2. You should damp mopped with a high-quality soap.
3. Search for the best cleaners that do not have strong detergents. Gentle detergents that contain oils will protect your hardware floors. 
4. Even if you used a gentle detergent, do not use too much liquid on your floor. Woods floors are more natural and they can be damaged by over-saturation or too much liquid.

• Floor Maintenance:
If you are looking for reducing the money you spend on maintaining, repairing, replacing, or cleaning your floors by professional cleaners, you should start thinking about maintaining your floors.
Here are what you should do to maintain your floors.

1. Ease of Maintenance:

Here are the main points.
• Some floors can be cleaned easier than others can.
• If you have carpets, you need to pay more attention because they get dirty easily via stains and spots.
• Hard surfaces like the floors are easier to clean since they do no easily get dirty.
• Wooden floors are easier to maintain than tiled floors and other types.

2. Essential Floor Care Products:

You must have a mop and a broom to get your floors clean. If you have carpets, you should have a vacuum. Wax is needed for wood floors and all-purpose cleaners are required for carpeted floors.

3. How to Keep Your Floors Clean:

The first step to maintain clean floors is sweeping the dirt away. You should place a welcome mat at the front of your door. You should also include the rule of leaving shoes outside the house.
Once you find a spot or a stain, act immediately and try to remove it as soon as possible. 
Keeping your floors clean is one of the best things to do to save money and have a clean house all the time.

Carpet Cleaning Tips for Stains like Oil and Water

Carpet Cleaning Tips for Stains like Oil and Water

Cleaning your floors is one of the inevitable activities. Most people say that floor spots are difficult to remove especially in facilities. However, it is not that difficult to keep your home and/or your facility free of any stains.

First, let me explain the difference between spots and stains. We usually use the two words interchangeably. However, there is a huge difference between them.
• Spots result from materials that add both substances and textures to surfaces or fabrics.
• Stains result from the materials that add colors to surfaces or fabrics without adding texture.
• When you understand the difference between spots and stains, you will realize that removing spots from the fibers of the carpet is easier than removing stains that become part of the fabric because the color of the material gets absorbed.
• Stain removal is more complicated than spots. The dyes of spots and spills are usually acidic just like the dyes used in making the color of commercial carpets. That is why you need to be cautious while removing stains in order not to cause any color loss.

• Identify Your Problem:

The most important step to be able to solve your problem is to identify it. Most of us skip this step and go straight to the solution part while identifying the problem will make things easier. 
So make sure to identify the type of problem you have and the correct way to get rid of it.
Here are the ways you can use to identify whether your problem is a spot or a stain.
• The first way is by appearance. If it is kind of shiny, the spot or stain is probably oil-based. If the appearance is dull and crusty, the spot of stain is probably sugar-based.
• Wear gloves and feel it. If there is no difference between the fabrics of the carpet, it is probably a stain. (As we said, stains ad colors without adding textures). If you felt that there is a texture added to the fabrics of the carpet, it is a spot.

• Where Should You Start?

We are going to give you some tips. However, there is no way we can write every combination of spot and spotter.
You need to understand that oil-based spots can be removed by the use of the dry solvents and d-limonene based spotters.
Using water-based spotters is useless when you try to use them to remove oily materials. Water and oil do not mix.
Never use gasoline.