Carpet Cleaning Tips for Stains like Oil and Water

Carpet Cleaning Tips for Stains like Oil and Water

Cleaning your floors is one of the inevitable activities. Most people say that floor spots are difficult to remove especially in facilities. However, it is not that difficult to keep your home and/or your facility free of any stains.

First, let me explain the difference between spots and stains. We usually use the two words interchangeably. However, there is a huge difference between them.
• Spots result from materials that add both substances and textures to surfaces or fabrics.
• Stains result from the materials that add colors to surfaces or fabrics without adding texture.
• When you understand the difference between spots and stains, you will realize that removing spots from the fibers of the carpet is easier than removing stains that become part of the fabric because the color of the material gets absorbed.
• Stain removal is more complicated than spots. The dyes of spots and spills are usually acidic just like the dyes used in making the color of commercial carpets. That is why you need to be cautious while removing stains in order not to cause any color loss.

• Identify Your Problem:

The most important step to be able to solve your problem is to identify it. Most of us skip this step and go straight to the solution part while identifying the problem will make things easier. 
So make sure to identify the type of problem you have and the correct way to get rid of it.
Here are the ways you can use to identify whether your problem is a spot or a stain.
• The first way is by appearance. If it is kind of shiny, the spot or stain is probably oil-based. If the appearance is dull and crusty, the spot of stain is probably sugar-based.
• Wear gloves and feel it. If there is no difference between the fabrics of the carpet, it is probably a stain. (As we said, stains ad colors without adding textures). If you felt that there is a texture added to the fabrics of the carpet, it is a spot.

• Where Should You Start?

We are going to give you some tips. However, there is no way we can write every combination of spot and spotter.
You need to understand that oil-based spots can be removed by the use of the dry solvents and d-limonene based spotters.
Using water-based spotters is useless when you try to use them to remove oily materials. Water and oil do not mix.
Never use gasoline.