How to perform effective carpet cleaning after the lock down?

How to perform effective carpet cleaning after the lock down

In various households, there is excessive use of carpets because of the corona virus situation due to which it has become important for residents to be conscious of comprehensive carpet cleaning requirements after the lock down. Currently, because of the social distance measures necessary for protecting oneself from the corona virus pandemic, it is not recommended to people to seek professional carpet cleaning help from outside. Also, the use of these services has experienced a decline all over the world in the last few months due to which it is understandable that the cleaning requirements of carpets in various households are not working properly met. Those people who undergo self-cleaning of the carpets have also become less mindful of carpet cleaning requirements because of the casual living in the house during the lock down or the stressful and uncertain situation. 

Therefore, the long-term lockdown will result in significantly enhancing the need for comprehensive carpet cleaning after the lockdown so that they are presentable and meet the sanitary standards for use inside the house. We have offered some recommendations in this article that readers can consider, which will help them in effective carpet cleaning after the lockdown.  

Deep cleaning of the carpet

A significant amount of dust and dirt particles will accumulate during the lockdown on the carpet due to which it will be necessary to perform deep cleaning so that the carpet regains its original look. The deep cleaning process will require performing vacuum cleaning as well as steam or water cleaning. The vacuum cleaning will be instrumental in removing the accumulated dust in different portions of the carpet while the steam and hot water will not only provide an advantage with respect to removing accumulated substances but also harmful allergens and bacterias.

Carbonated cleaning for removing sticky substances 

A large number of sticky substances are likely to accumulate on the surface of the carpet during the prolonged lock down. It will become essential to employ carbonated solutions for effective carpet cleaning of the lock down. This process is highly effective in removing the sticky substances and restoring the original outlook and luster of the carpet. However, for this solution, it may be necessary for people to avail of professional services. We recommend that for effective carpet cleaning after the lock down, people contact professional services providers in their areas so that they can get early services and get the best solutions for their carpets. 

Stain treatment for the carpets

One of the major issues that households are experiencing is that excessive use of the carpet is resulting in the accumulation of different types of stains. While some of the recommendations above for comprehensive carpet cleaning after the lock down will also be useful in removing stains, there may also be a need for separate stain treatments for certain types of stains. For example, long ignored stains may become hard after a certain time due to which they may require separate treatment. Therefore, it should also be a priority because hard stains can negatively impact the luster and life of the carpet. Also, visit carpet cleaning tips for stains like oil and water for more info.

Why Should You Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service?

Why Should You Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service?

Carpet cleaning is one of the main activities in order to have a clean house all the time. Keeping your carpet as clean as possible all the time makes your home bright. It is part of what we call the cleaning combination, which includes having clean walls and curtains, having clean and organized rooms, and having clean flooring.
We recommend reducing the need to clean by following these three main activities.
• Decreasing foot traffic by asking your family members and guests to take their shoes at the door.
• Vacuuming your carpets more often and thoroughly.  
• Treating any kinds of stains and/or spots as soon as possible.

It is great to have cleaning habits especially when it comes to carpets. However, hiring a professional carpet cleaning service from time to time is highly recommended.
Here are the advantages of hiring a professional carpet cleaning service.

1. Carpets Are Not All the Same:

Some people think that all the carpets are the same. Well, this is a myth. Carpet differ in many things such as
• The type of fabric they are made of.
• How they are made.
• Whether they are natural or synthetic.
Each carpet requires different treatment. A professional cleaner knows what cleaning methods and products to use with each type. 

2. You Do Not Have to Buy or Rent Carpet Cleaning Machines:

When you go to a retail store, you find carpet-cleaning machines that people use to get their carpet clean professionally. However, these machines need professionals to use and they are not as effective as professional cleaning services.
When you buy carpet-cleaning machines, you worry about where you are going to store them too. They need storage space.
In addition, buying machines will not solve the problem of having allergens and bacteria within the fibers of your carpet. Professional carpet cleaners have a system they follow to kill bacteria and dust mites effectively.

Professional carpet cleaning services have people who understand the nature of stains and spots and know exactly how to treat them. In fact, some cleaning products and methods make the condition of your carpet worse if you do not know how to use them. Professionals keep themselves updated with the recent methods of removing stains and spots. They will do the right thing to keep your carpet clean without causing any damages.

We recommend hiring a professional carpet cleaning service if you do not know what exactly you are going to do.

How to carry out the Berber Carpet cleaning process?

How to carry out the Berber Carpet cleaning process?

Berber carpet cleaning is a delicate process as compared to other types of carpets as these carpets are handwoven and usually more delicate materials are used in manufacturing them. These carpets give a beautiful look to the area where they have been used but over the course of time, they also have the tendency to get extremely soiled and stained owing to casual use and require Berber carpet cleaning process to be performed in order to keep them in an appropriate shape and outlook. Since these carpets are more delicate in nature, it is important to perform the cleaning process with extreme care so that it does not affect the quality of the carpet material.

In this article, we will explain a standard Berber carpet cleaning process that people can conveniently perform at home using home available supplies in order to achieve the best results.

Supplies required to perform the process to clean Berber carpet

In order to perform the Berber carpet cleaning process, there are a few supplies that people will require in order to achieve the desired results. It is essential to ensure that most appropriate supplies have been selected for performing the process because inappropriate supplies will result in negatively affecting the Berber carpet. Some of the important supplies required for performing the process are given below:

  1. Cleaning agent: An appropriate cleaning agent will be required in order to remove stains from the carpet and restore its fresh look. We recommend using a non-abrasive and natural cleaning agent since it will be able to restore the clean look of the Berber carpet without affecting its material.
  2. Vacuum cleaner: In order to remove dust and dirt particles present on the surface and at the base of Berber carpet fibers, we recommend using a vacuum cleaner. It will be able to suck garbage residue present on the carpet as well as provide for standard cleaning.
  3. Cleaning brush: We recommend using a soft cleaning brush during the Berber carpet cleaning process since removing hard stains present on the carpet may be difficult.

Steps involved in the procedure to clean Berber carpets

In the section below, we will explain steps that are applicable to the Berber carpet cleaning process. However, before performing the process, it is important to ensure the availability of the appropriate supplies. Similarly, we also recommend people to test the suitability of a cleaning agent and other supplies for the material of the carpet so that it does not have adverse effects on its quality. Some of the steps involved in the process are given below:

  1. In the first step, test the suitability of the cleaning agent at a hidden portion of the carpet before applying it to more visible areas.
  2. Now, vacuum cleaner the carpet with the help of a vacuum cleaner so that it can remove dust and dirt particles present on the surface of the carpet.
  3. In the next step, wash areas where stains are available with the help of water and apply cleaning agents on these areas.
  4. Now, scrub these areas with the help of a soft brush so that hard stains and spillages present on the carpet starts to come off.
  5. Continue the scrubbing process until a clean look of the Berber carpet starts to appear.
  6. In the end, wash the carpet again with the help of clean water and let it dry for an appropriate period.

Carpet Cleaning Tips for Stains like Oil and Water

Carpet Cleaning Tips for Stains like Oil and Water

Cleaning your floors is one of the inevitable activities. Most people say that floor spots are difficult to remove especially in facilities. However, it is not that difficult to keep your home and/or your facility free of any stains.

First, let me explain the difference between spots and stains. We usually use the two words interchangeably. However, there is a huge difference between them.
• Spots result from materials that add both substances and textures to surfaces or fabrics.
• Stains result from the materials that add colors to surfaces or fabrics without adding texture.
• When you understand the difference between spots and stains, you will realize that removing spots from the fibers of the carpet is easier than removing stains that become part of the fabric because the color of the material gets absorbed.
• Stain removal is more complicated than spots. The dyes of spots and spills are usually acidic just like the dyes used in making the color of commercial carpets. That is why you need to be cautious while removing stains in order not to cause any color loss.

• Identify Your Problem:

The most important step to be able to solve your problem is to identify it. Most of us skip this step and go straight to the solution part while identifying the problem will make things easier. 
So make sure to identify the type of problem you have and the correct way to get rid of it.
Here are the ways you can use to identify whether your problem is a spot or a stain.
• The first way is by appearance. If it is kind of shiny, the spot or stain is probably oil-based. If the appearance is dull and crusty, the spot of stain is probably sugar-based.
• Wear gloves and feel it. If there is no difference between the fabrics of the carpet, it is probably a stain. (As we said, stains ad colors without adding textures). If you felt that there is a texture added to the fabrics of the carpet, it is a spot.

• Where Should You Start?

We are going to give you some tips. However, there is no way we can write every combination of spot and spotter.
You need to understand that oil-based spots can be removed by the use of the dry solvents and d-limonene based spotters.
Using water-based spotters is useless when you try to use them to remove oily materials. Water and oil do not mix.
Never use gasoline.